Saturday, January 21, 2012

Health Is Wealth

Our rituals consist of our habitual ways of looking at the world, talking to our inner self and moving our body. In my twenties, I used to think turning 40 was a number far-far-far away. I now feel this is a good age when we are accustomed to things we like, things we can masterfully do, things we love and things we care for. In the last ten years I have: moved in with my girlfriend, gotten married twice (to the same person), ran half-marathon five times, learned how to make tacos, joined the Pacific Athletic Club, gone back to India, taken a few night classes, and become a father! It has been quite a decade. I can only wonder what the next ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred... years may bring. It has been a wonderful journey made all the more enriching by my friends and the outstanding love in my life. Thank you all for being a part of it either virtually or in person. May our relationship continue.

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