Sunday, April 8, 2018

Let's Get Some Color

As a child growing up in India, i recall fondly the Holi festival. My grandmother would have her domestics get flowers of different kinds and then turn them into various colors for smearing people. The Holi festival is symbolic of Hindu philosophy's acceptance of humans of various colors, castes, religions, sexual orientations and perspectives – that underneath we are all the same. I love celebrating this amalgamation of who we are as people and culture. I am proud of my roots as a Hindustani American and Canadian. Today, we celebrate Holi at my gorgeous wife's alma mater, Stanford University in Palo Alto. Can't wait till next year. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Connect To The Earth And Sky, Simultaneously

Relaxed. Agile. Efficient. Wild. Intense. Spontaneous. True. Open. Flexible. Independent. A long term relationship with the elements. Attack the corners. Maintain good posture. Comfort. Balanced. Precise. Integrated. Refined. 

As soon as I start the engine the adrenaline begins to flow. It rattles and thumps and carries on. It's pretty raw, but I like it that way. I have spent some time setting it up my new Porsche just right and it handles so well. It's lightweight, playful, tight in all the right places and fun to slide around. I am happy with my purchase and have a lot of fun with it. 

Pictured here is my first fun ride in my new Chegito along with an old friend and old boy Sashi who just raised capital for an idea and purchased his first supercar McLaren. Congratulations Shashi. A fun ride in our new prancing horses along the sun coast and on skyline in the morning light.

Gold Blooded

I found my third Porsche while reading the LA Times on Thanksgiving weekend in Hollywood many years ago. As I glanced at the classifieds I saw an ad for this gorgeous pastel yellow Porsche Carrera. I called the number and the very next day went to see it. The car belonged to motion picture director J J Abrams, who had barely used the vehicle. He was forced to sell it after a DUI incident involving the car. In my ten years of ownership, this Porsche brought me some amazing smiles. With the birth of my son, i hesitated to waste time on the open road on the weekends and eventually sold the car to a collector. I placed the hefty profit into my son's college 529. Thank you Porsche for making this jewel of an automobile.