Friday, August 22, 2014

Art Of Agility

The waves thunder in water bolts that shake the whole boat till the very spray trembles. And then the swimmers most delight to jump into the surf. Ranged on the beach, the bathers dash in and dive into and under the swells. Snatching them up, the speedboat hurries them landward, volume and speed increasing till it races along a watery wall like a smooth waterfall. Adroitly emerging, the swimmers thread their way onto land like seals stand dripping and drying upon the shore. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Every Summer Has A Story: Creativity Is King This Summer

Smile, breathe, dance, write, edit, share, photograph, go for long runs, swim, sail, speedboat, jet ski, renew yourself, make an expensive purchase, laugh really loud, make new friends, meditate and be genuine. Never be afraid to express how your soul truly feels. Our relationships with summer are as varied as our relationships with ourselves. Some experiences are a quick fling. Others etch themselves into our psyches forever. As adults we tend to revisit what we have loved most because we find comfort in the repetition. Summer can be interpreted in many ways, but it takes special skill to convey a universal feeling within an image. Water is the thread that connects my joy of summer. And I hope that by looking at our happy, active images taking place right now you can wander, wide-eyed, through the tides near you. When we are on the water at our summer home on the East Coast, whether to sail or watch the glorious sunrise, we are going back from whence we came. Summer is not only a destination but also a new way of looking at things. Summer enables us to relax, soak in the sun, float, swim, water ski, read a captivating book, have an ice cold drink, watch the waves and make a toast to an outstanding family and friends. The adventures on land and water continue.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sailor Made For The East Coast: Time Is The Most Valuable Currency One Can Spend

It's on the wild and stunning East Coast, carved into the coastline overlooking the water. The weather is always sunny with a royal blue sky overhead. When I am here, everything just slows down. People take time to speak and laugh with each other. The food is immeasurably good and the sex even better. Our summer home has stunning views of the beach on one side and the sailing boats on the other. As I type the birds are chirping and the sound of the waves is relaxing. Advancing passions for maximum grins – the aquatic tribe has no complaints. Gratitude is the fundamental emotion one feels in the state of grace.