Sunday, May 7, 2023

Creativity Matters: 7 Ways To Build Trust With Customers And Converts Attention Into Revenue

Leading content, social texture, and customer generation campaigns at both startups and enterprises, there are certain insights that can assist in crafting content that builds trust at scale–while converting attention into revenue. Here are 7 steps to position your company as the leader in the category and to fuel your revenue stream:

1) Get specific with the audience

Titles and industry aren't enough. You need to uncover what your audience truly loves, hates, and what exactly prevents them from reaching their goals. Go granular on the demographic. Who they are? What are their preferences? Even how they live. I would pick and define one audience and win them over.

2) Create a unique POV for the problem your business is solving

Many companies say they want to stand out, but aren't ready for their customers' attention. If you want to be considered in your ideal customers' mind you need to offer them something completely different that solves their challenges, not something that's only incrementally better.

3) Set strategic goals

If you stop at MQLs, you're not going to get the conversion you truly seek. Set up meetings with the CEO, head of product, head of revenue, and CMO to truly understand what the leaders care about, then build a plan to support their vision.

4) Pick one channel and dominate

As you strategize, you do not need to be everywhere all at once. Better to build in one arena, then scale. Where the key audience or customer is today is where you should start the build.

5) Produce research driven content 

Reconsider a full SEO strategy to begin. Certainly there is some high intent traffic worth capturing right away, but it may be better to earn attention with original thoughts and research using internal product data, surveys, and frameworks from SMEs.

6) Analyze audience signals

You have to keep the pulse on the audience and know what they are craving before they do. There are signals everywhere telling you what they want. Make sure you are analyzing content, campaigns, social, and trends constantly. Then go in the the direction of content that is performing.

7) Scale your strategy

Once you've got momentum going along with steady growth in the first channel, it is time to scale to a new channel using insights of what's valuable to the prospect or customer.

Apply these 7 steps to achieve remarkable results.

Gold Fever: Never Limit Yourself, We Live In A Limitless World With Endless Possibilities

Never say you can't and never give up. Transform your energy. Transform your life.  

As Much Fun As Launching A Coxswain

Congratulations to Pat Okens for his amazing book Blues Before Sunrise. The book’s first batch in print is completely sold out. Pat’s donating half the fiscal proceeds to U of T varsity rowing program which equates to $355,000 in just one week. Here's high praise from notable rowers:

“Patrick Okens’ delightful, mesmerizing tales of rowing at the U of T bring so many memories of what life was like as student rowers.” – Roger Jackson, 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist “I am so grateful to Patrick Okens for putting together this history of a program we all love so much.” – Kay Worthington, two-time 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist Thank you Pat for all you’ve put into this amazing book

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Blue Skies Ahead

In any time of questioning, there is undoubtedly a defined need to seek answers especially when human resolve is tested, there needs to be an avenue leading to collective healing and empathetic choices. There is indeed light at the end of tunnel. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Well Being Fits Everywhere

My early years of rowing were at Ridley. Five novices in varsity lightweight eight in a very tough category–competing with the finest from elite prep schools in Canada and the USA. It just happened we were Ridley where there were no novice boats and every boat was a championship shell expected to win Gold. 

In our Ridley boathouse, we had the Canadian men's Olympic gold medal eight–the yellow Empacher shell consisted of alumni that had gifted the boat to the school for our heavy men's eight to train in. It just so happened that our head coach Neil, was also the Canadian men's Olympic head coach. This brought with it a dedication from all athletes, both women and men to train to our utmost ability and not be held back by any what ifs.

Our land training consisted of: 4.1 mile run with hills every other day as our coach Rhys held a stopwatch and recorded our times even in the coldest days of the Canadian winter. Running was combined with weight training and erg training. Once on the water, we had to learn to row in a gorgeous wooden shell named "Endurement." 

Training together, my crew grew closer, we persevered, trained hard, listened to our coach, believed in ourselves and won gold at both the American Stotesbury Cup Regatta in Philadelphia as well as the CSSRA Canadian Schoolboy. 

Before the race final, our coach reminded us of the racing he expected. We were to be strong and persistent, to take the first couple of strokes to build and then focus on the length, power, and rhythm. "Try to hold off chasing crews," he said, "but if passed stay strong and keep going. Your body can keep working hard for longer than you think. You can push yourself for long periods of time and to push harder as time goes on, taking on whatever challenge is posed and that is the strategy today. I want you to go out in front and lead from the front." We then watched the video of Canadian Olympic oarsmen win Gold similar to the video attached here and were wired as we took the boat into battle.  

The race plan: Lead from the front. I have recently been invited by the school to return for reunion with my men in June. We have all done well. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Inspiring Moments In Yesomite

Nature broadens our horizons, motivates us, and redirects our thoughts. A view into the broader expanse of nature allows us to relax, as does breathing in fresh air and looking at the distant horizon. Inspiring moments in nature can awaken associations, sounds awaken memories, smells and engagement with all our senses–in combination act to slow down the passage of time. An antidote to the hyper speeding up of life in the digital realm, only nature arouses curiosity. Everything we perceive influences the way we behave. Hope you are feeling inspired in the most diverse ways whether through music, style that you wear, or trip into nature–the divine inspiring context of life.