Sunday, May 19, 2013

Elegant. Magical. Unforgettable: Wild-Eyed 7.5 Miles Bay To Breakers In 54 Minutes

Maybe training has helped you burn off five pounds or five-hundred. It certainly has toned my quadriceps, slimmed down my waist, firmed up my butt. Training gave me bigger lungs, a louder heart and lower cholesterol. In exchange for the mood enhancing endorphins, running asked me to feed my body better and to go to sleep earlier so my heart-lung machine could recover faster. And I did this because training on the ergometer for thirty minutes and running 6.5 miles uphill for one hour everyday became not just a hobby but a lifestyle. 

Racing Bay2Breakers 2013: Tighter security required people to not bring any bags. If you had to remove clothing after warm up items were placed in a donation bag. Once runners were in their coral, we were discouraged to go to the bathroom which were further away from the course. The no alcohol rule was strictly enforced resulting in less litter on the ground and less debris thrown in the air. There were no floats which resulted in no kegs on wheels intruding from side streets or blocking progress of serious runners. Once the race began, the first two miles went by rather briskly. The Hayes street hill was still the challenge to climb because there is one more steep incline at the top that you cannot see while climbing. The next five miles went rather smoothly and quickly. The finish at Ocean beach was to the right rather than the left and the 'Footstock' event took place along the beach rather than in the Golden Gate Park. The new changes make Bay2Breakers better for runners who train for it. I look forward to kickassing in the event which raises revenue for Bay Area charities in 2014. 

Future Events: My next race is the Big Sur Half Marathon in November which I plan to run in 1 hour 30 minutes (a time I have attained before our son was born). My training is going to include more weight training and swimming in addition to erging and running.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Emotion Opener: Sometimes All It Takes Is One Look To Fall In Love

If you want to be kissed, you’ve got to be kissable too. Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder when you look at the 2013 BMW M Sport. This charming thoroughbred stallion mixes beauty and brains providing the ultimate escape from the stress of living. For 2013, the BMW M Sport has been given an entire facelift. The lines are sharper, the nose grill wider, and the chin more muscular. This is not a soft, pretty car for a milkshake at night with the girls. Scorching performance, a fabulous tight body, outstanding handling, near Toyota Prius gas efficiency, and sporty cabin are all part of the price point. The 2013 BMW M Sport is the very embodiment of what the Bayerische Motoren Werke tag line stands for. 

So why do I love my new BMW in superman blue that I just purchased from Aaron and Yoram at Beverly Hills BMW? Haute performance: split second gear changes, ultra responsive handling, touch and go braking–all are covered with precision and ease. Plus it looks cool. 

Pasadena's Creative Consciousness: Where Awesome Lives

The self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles has been my parents home since 1991. Where else but in Los Angeles can you meet a Playboy bunny and J J Abrams all in one day? Pasadena is our home now–a town that's alive with remarkable art collections, architecture, literature and entertainment.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Moving Forward Is Truly Rewarding

It's my birthday today and I'm feeling like a $1,000,000 in cash. My body and mind feel like a physically fit 22 years young man. Two exceptional moments stand out on this day of my birth: watching my son swim independently and sampling my "runner's high" birthday cake my wife and son designed for me. Life is beautiful and I plan to live for another 296 years.