Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sparkling With Energy

The gym is the perfect place for modernizing your self. Your self-discipline will determine the results and it is an excellent way to detach yourself from pressures of work and family life. The Greeks would use gymnasia as places to escape to, usually on the outskirts of a city, to engage not only in exercise but philosophical conversation. 

I indulge in my anti-aging cream with a gym membership, but i go there to sweat, not to socialize. Reaching early before sunrise at 5:00 am, i sweat for 2+ hours compulsively each workday training on the Concept II ergometer with a 7600-7700 meters pull in :30 minutes at rate 32-34, next is the notorious 7-mile uphill tempo run on the treadmill modulating the pace up every 5 minutes for :60 minutes, followed by endurance weight training for strengthening quads, back, shoulders and gluteus maximus. Finally, i stretch my limbs in my cool down session and drink some water while leaving the gym with a 100% full-charge of energy and self-confidence.

Health is wealth people. Those of us who grew up wearing uniforms in boarding schools still prefer to look the part of an athletic, sophisticated, upper-class man with wanderlust in his eyes. Rather than dress like a slob, i enjoy wearing colorful clothes that actually fit my physique with swagger and style. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Listening Brings Truth

Listen to your life as it whispers to you. How often do we listen to ourselves? That small voice that speaks the truth. And if we did, what might we learn? Where might it lead us?