Friday, April 17, 2015

A Taste For The Finer Things In San Francisco

Good energy is everywhere in the Emerald city on the Bay, obviously. But more important, the energy we need to live and perform at our best is one workout or one decent night's sleep away. It's in the hormones that course from our glands through our body to create an antidote to stress. It's in the muscles that can be trained and strengthened until every move we make requires less effort. When we understand the fundamentals of energy itself and how it interacts with our complex physical and mental systems, we can control how it makes us feel. We can enhance and maximize it, and recharge our bodies and minds. Success, fitness, fullness–it all comes down to energy. And it's our responsibility to build and sustain good energy for the finer things in life all day long, every day.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Regatta Sport: My Son's Introduction To Crew

Incredible to have my son with me taking in the races today. Hard not to get into the full fury of good emotion that is varsity rowing. You can feel it in the air with crews getting their shells in water with coxswains and pulling their oars at full throttle for 2000 meters. Results: Washington outpoured the Stanford Varsity boats at the Stanford Invitational today in nearly all races. Tomorrow is another day with powerhouse University of Cal Berkeley to enter the 2000 meters competition. Cal Berkeley coached by legendary Mike Teti (Princeton, USA National Team) is favored to win by open water. Good racing and God bless all crews.