Thursday, October 5, 2017

Seductive Lure Of The Sky High Club

I love working in my spanking-new sky-high building in San Francisco. The views that surround are truly eye-popping. The building is luminous both inside and out. There is plenty of natural light coming in throughout the day. The open air environment and architecture is outstanding for working with team members. We have plenty of meetings in rooms with magnificent views of San Francisco's skyline and pods for quiet reflection plus writing. We have amazing amount of hot chocolate, fruits and healthy food brought in for our colleagues. However, outside the building there are countless delicious restaurants and SFMOMA is around the corner.

Every morning, I rise early to sweat, then take the CalTrain into San Francisco. My colleagues are an amazing bunch, and i love collaborating with them. We are super productive turning ideas into real communicative products that turn heads and hearts. We are also encouraged to work remotely from home or gym. Mondays and Fridays are work at home days. It is quite a fun culture. 

Some people think that advertising has diminished by Google and Facebook. These companies are merely an aspect of media buy. Brands can choose where to spend their media dollars, but it is the creative that matters most because without creativity, it is harder for brands to garner their audience's attention.

The goal of advertising is persuasion and education. Advertisers and brands are primarily asking consumers to give up some of their time, whether it is for a 60-second spot, an online journey or a sponsored event. So it has to be worthwhile and earned. It has to be done with respect. Why should a consumer care about messaging, be it a phone plan, sports car or a pair of sneakers? Persuasion is something that resonates beyond commerce; it functions in all our lives. Everyone is basically an advertiser. If you have an Instagram account, you're essentially running a brand campaign every single day. You're trying to persuade the world that this is the life you lead; these are the ideas you believe in. We live in an interesting era. The types of things that prove persuasive change over time, but I think sincerity is the most persuasive quality of all. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Balance Is Beautiful

In case you missed it, World Cup Racing had us on the edge of our seats. Six American crews played a starring role on A list finals. Proud of all athletes. Congratulations to the Men's 8, coached by Univ of California Berkeley head coach Mike Teti, the US men's crew pulled a stunning result in a race against one of the fastest men's crews of all time.