Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sailor Made On The East Coast: Time Is The Most Valuable Currency You Can Spend

It's on the wild and stunning East Coast, carved into the coastline overlooking the water. The weather is always sunny with a royal blue sky overhead. Goldie is here learning to sail and has also just received a vintage, yet fully restored Chris-Craft wooden boat that took one year to restore. When you are surrounded by water, everything just slows down. People take time to speak and laugh with each other. Our summer home has stunning views of the beach on one side and the sailing boats on the other. Advancing passions for maximum grins–Goldie and the aquatic tribe have no complaints. Gratitude is the fundamental emotion one feels in the state of grace.

Aesthetica: More Heaven Than Earth

Welcome to your very own blank canvas. Where orchestrating your own version of paradise is a much needed inoculation against the ordinary and where you discover that The World really can revolve around you.

Grand isn't just about being big. It's about daring to measure dreams against reality, actions against words, and going ahead despite obstacles. It's about shifting common perception on its head to architect streets from water and a city from sand. It's about creating something profound yet universal, something that captures the imagination of the planet, and doesn't let go. 

Innovators that create singular destinations in places so uncommon they pull at the heart, captivate the mind, and take up residence in the soul. 

The thrill is back. Your pulse races. Your heart pounds. A whirlwind of sights, sounds, and emotions that casts life in a brilliant new light. Wind, water, sand, sky.

Some destinations tell a great story. Singular but not single-minded, they evolve beyond aquatica to shape experiences that will be treasured by generations to come. Nowhere but in a place like this can the world be so richly reimagined.

Aphrodisiac: Brazen Play On Land

Few have the courage, inspiration, and thirst for adventure encompassing the aquatic life. The ocean is a just reward for our vision and courage for savoring the finest in aquatic living. At every direction, awe-inspiring natural beauty unfolds.