Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stimulate Your Soul In LAAAAA

I was lucky enough to get two full days with my Cardiac Anesthesiologist father on this weekend in Los Angeles. I did an overnight stint with him at his private hospital in LA on friday night, sleeping in the anesthesiology lounge, and then made it to the beach to shoot a few frames. "Keep your mind agile," he said, "and I don't want my son to have any ego." I love this man so much – who has a passion for performing the hardest cases in clinical medicine. The next morning, we went to the Hare Krishna temple near Venice beach for some prayers, self-reflection, and meditation. What did I learn in my mediation on the universe? Here are the answers: 
1) Everyone's experience is important. 
2) We can change the world by serving one another.
3) LA is a transcendental film set.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mothers Care: Top 5 Apps For Moms

Mothers know raising children is the toughest work there is. The things we want most for our children depend on our own inner workings. We all want to raise children who are happy people, loved by others, and lucky in love. According to Nielsen, three in ten U.S. stay-at-home moms use smartphones to keep track of their child’s development, nutrition, fitness, and weight. Additionally, working moms who have full-time jobs are among the highest spenders on phone services, spending 21% more than the average person to download mobile phone content. App developers, of course, are creating quick, easy ways for moms to do more–faster with their phones. For moms who want to have it all, we have done the legwork for you. Here are our top 5 apps for moms:


Instead of going to the bank, moms are increasingly bringing the bank to themselves. Mint gives you all-in-one money management for cards, bank accounts, investments, budgeting, income, and expenditures. Mint automatically syncs up with your financial institutions and delivers all information to your phone. One-click security keeps your info private, plus deactivation is easily done online if you misplace your phone.


Traveling with the family to see your parents or the in-laws is typically a harried, “did-you-remember-to-pack-the important-thing,” kind of moment. TripIt helps with one key aspect – getting everyone’s itineraries organized, and in one place. TripIt also gives directions to and from your destination, links to airlines, hotels and nearby restaurants. As a mom, you are still on tap for handling your toddler on the 5-hour flight.

Photo Grid

Get into your artsy mode with Photo Grid and elevate the ordinary. Photo Grid satisfies your inner photographer by throwing a retro, analog feel on top of your smartphone pictures, giving you unique and unexpected results. The app keeps it new school easy by allowing you to enter video or flash settings with just a tap of the button. You can also make amazing photo collages, and share your family pictures through social media sites.

Positive Discipline

Positive Discipline is a coaching tool that lets you explore options to handle almost any situation with your children whether at home or while out and about. This app is a nice way for moms to learn about the philosophy of positive discipline, giving you very good solutions to common parenting issues. The helpful information gives your kids valuable social and life skills such as self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem solving.

Clean Master

Clean Master removes junk files on your Android phone to return long-term storage back into your hands. A speedier phone means: your apps run faster, you can do more online, store more pictures, record more video, and have a longer battery life. Clean Master is also ranked #1 from Germany’s AV-TEST for security to keep viruses, malware and spyware off your phone. Clean Master is the easiest way to remove lag from your phone, keep your phone secure, and to help busy moms get more out of their phone.

Moms today are referred to as “chief family officers,” and the smartphone revolution has empowered many to keep track of their loved ones’ schedules, photos, trips, banking information and more on their smartphones. Although the stakes are certainly high in raising children, mothers actually do know a great deal about how to raise happy, responsible, considerate, emotionally healthy, self-disciplined children. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Technology Of Liberation: The Use Of Mobile Phones In Spanish Culture

Spanish cultures in USA and in Latin American are embracing mobile phones in record number. Cell phones have become a necessity for social and economical change empowering people to share fresh perspectives, and start new businesses. Spanish Americans use cell phones everywhere, and are not averse to discussing their personal lives in public. Latinos are happy to answer calls in restaurants, in business meetings, conferences, and sometimes during concerts. Most Spanish speaking Americans feel an obligation to be available to friends, colleagues, and customers at all times.

The growing reach of cell phones in all areas of Spanish society is resulting in greater use of mobile apps. Some of the most popular apps for the Android phone include Mint and Morgan Stanley to help people keep track of their money. Latinos also use apps such as Facebook to keep in touch with family in their country of origin. Latinos also favor Clean Master app from Cheetah Mobile to keep their phones working efficiently. According to the Nielsen report, more than 94% of Spanish speaking Americans claim to have a cell phone, with 53% of these owning smartphones and some still preferring prepaid mobiles.

The emergence of the Spanish community as an early adopter to the mobile platform has even caught the attention of the American government. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has recently announced a pilot program for Spanish speaking persons in New York to get access to language lessons on their phones. Additionally, the government is working on more educational programs with Cell-ED to help improve literacy using cellphones.

Given their tech fascination, Latinos favor cell phones as the key tool for bridging the digital divide. Latinos under 35 are even more glued to their smart phones as consumers of Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Drake, Selena Gomez, Janelle Monae and more. The younger generation puts a premium on authenticity, creativity, scarcity, and distinctiveness. Creating a two-way conversation through social channels allows both the young and older Spanish-speaking consumers around the world to provide input to popular culture, and better control for the future through their cell phones.