Sunday, March 25, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Live The Art: Chase An Ideal

Happiness and design are the carrot in front of us that evolution has made to show us the way. Sleek, beautiful, fast and all as a matter of principle. Porsche race car's lightweight and low drag coefficient produces excellent acceleration times and maximum agility. Porsche has always stood for a dream. The company has over the past seven decades refined their products while exhilarating millions of people around the globe. No other brand has such a positive image. The density of thought in the modern Porsche has evolved to enhance its character and drivability. If you can immerse yourself into these new adverts long enough, automobile magic happens. Perhaps it's the yellow exterior soaking up the California sun or maybe it's the sinister laugh from the engine. Or is it just this interpretation of the iconic Porsche shape? Living the dream takes everything one step further. Modern Porsche race cars combine sportiness with suitability, tradition with innovation, exclusivity with social acceptance and design with functionality. The Porsche brand has always been devoted to the performance principle with racing sports serving as a test lab for innovation. But more than anything else, the Porsche is the yardstick by which all sports cars are measured. 

Celebrating Master Of Cinema: Jim Carrey

Perpetually driven. Perpetually striving. Jim Carey has brought to cinema extraordinary stories, unforgettable scenes and hilarious comedies that have shaped motion-picture history. Now, Jim is sharing his artist sensibility. I am a huge fan. Ha.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Defiant Mix Of Culture That Really Gets You

An amazing time collaborating with Garrett Camp, the 36-year old Canadian who invented Uber 
for his next passion project {Mix Tech on iOS}. Try to mindfully dive into the rarest, 
coolest and newest topics you care for. Mix inspires, emboldens and pulls culture forward by 
igniting your curiosity for life. Mix fulfills your deep emotional need for discovering, curating and 
sharing your all-time favorite content based on your interests. 
Mix elevates content that inspires. Mix is for creatives to make a collection that appeals to their audience.