Monday, June 27, 2011

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Design Famous

Graphic design is a part of your life. From humble things like chewing gum wrapper design to huge things like billboards to the t-shirts you are wearing – graphic design informs, persuades, stimulates, locates and identifies who we are. It is an immersive experience that reflects back our culture giving a snapshot of what is immediate and important today.

Making Your Audience Care

As a designer, you work with a variety of tools to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. To connect the dots, you must have a knack for synthesizing – for taking existing ideas and mashing them together in fresh new ways. It isn’t easy to come up with great combos. Designers must “think laterally” – searching far and wide for ideas and be willing to connect ideas that might not seem to go together. You must find a way to evoke care in the audience on an emotional level.

Inter-Activity Is Proficiency

Design for inter-activity is about much more than graphics. It’s about solving problems and creating better, more intuitive experiences. It’s also about planning and orchestrating richer content and satisfying consumer expectations. Brands that harness their inner strength through design tend to rise to top in today’s marketplace. Take for example: Google, Apple, YouSendIt, Method and Nike. More often than not, these companies are designing good products and surrounding these products with design innovation to achieve a larger share of the market.

Inform, Persuade And Sell – Without Reducing File Size

If you are like most designers you have an innate desire to share large graphic files. In the last 12 months 26,570,220 graphic design files were shared with YouSendIt – in their original format to help inform, persuade and sell to an audience. You can share large design files including: psd, tif, tiff, png, cdr, bmp, ai, jpeg, jpg, fig, mov, powerpoints and eps files. Only YouSendIt Pro now for only $49.99 (Save 60%) gives you a simple user interface, advanced security settings and a confirmation receipt to send large creations without reducing file size.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

As a graphic designer, it’s your passion to bring ideas to life that cannot be done. It’s one thing to dream up original ideas. But another to quickly take these ideas beyond the realm of imagination and give them form. Whether it’s a napkin sketch or a digital mock up, the quick-and-rough layouts designers constantly create are critical components of innovation because when you give form to an idea, you make it real. Design famous by infusing your design language into culture.

Accelerating Your Ritual

At its most basic definition: design is a plan. Things are said to have happened “by design” are said to have happened not by accident. So, the more things appear to have been done on purpose, the effective a design is likely to be. A design plan is a series of decisions made by a designer to create a final piece of communication. DESIGN implies clear and defendable decisions leading to more effective content. As purveyors of social and retail interaction, designers must first spark a revolution within and then bring this magic onto the page. The formation of such unique design rituals for our clients is the basis for social change and cultural movements.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Photography Is Expressionism

Photography’s New Age Of Expressionism

No medium of expression has ever appealed immediately to so many people, nor has any medium but spoken or written language been so universally used. On a basic level, photography implies taking pictures of all sorts of things: models, friends, objects, bridges and cars. For the serious photographer the photo is a means of seeing and understanding more about the significant details of life and the world around us.

Exposing Your Thoughts To Light

Without light there is nothing: no sight, no color and no form. Light makes photography possible. Light illuminates the subject so you can create the image in your mind. Light is the sparkle that makes the familiar strange or the strange familiar. Light empowers you to expose creativity to the digital realm. Light trains your eyes to distill the important from extraneous. Light is exposure.

Photos Communicate Information

Photography has become an art form of our technological age–fast, accurate and at many times automatic. Taking pictures is an efficient and powerful way of communicating information, an unmatched way of spanning time and space. In the hands of any perceptive person, the camera possesses a unique power: it can reproduce the present with fidelity of no other medium.

Capturing The Moment Time Stopped Still

To quickly capture precious moments, the photographer must work to become invisible, blending into scenes as they unfold naturally. The best photographers have the ability to listen on many levels – to body language, to facial expressions and behaviors – so you are prepared for what may happen and not intrude on a moment. Capturing that perfect moment may be your biggest challenge because by their nature moments are fleeting.

Images Convey Wonder, Mood And Emotion

Wonder when captured in a photograph is to bear witness to have proof that extraordinary things do exist. These pictures take our breath away and make us want to share them with others. Mood refers to the measure of human response when the photograph reveals something never seen before or seen in a fresh, new way. Photos convey emotion through insight, curiosity and the expression of the child inside every one of us. Some photographers, pursuing this compelling sense of mood, have literally given their lives in search of images so fantastic that they must be captured.

Slowing Down The Passage Of Time

Time is fleeting. When we look at a photograph, we are seeing a moment that no longer exists. Some images stand out because they stop or blur time. These are wonderful images of raindrops falling, lightning flashing and athletes frozen in movement. There are also time exposures that allow us to see movement within the still frame. The traffic merges, the laundry flutters in the wind and the water flows. Until the camera seized it, time was an unstoppable traveller. Specific moments in time could only be recalled from memory – sometimes clear, often cloudy. Those memories could be described or painted or set to music, but the gift of recalling a visual memory precisely is beyond most people’s memory skill.

Time Is The 4th Dimension In Every Photograph

Time is perhaps the least understood tool in the photographer’s camera bag. The truth is all photographers are time exposures – some instantaneous, some painstakingly long. The look and feel of a photograph can be profoundly changed by how long the shutter is open. Time can reveal a fourth dimension. In addition to the height, breadth and depth captured in an image, a time exposure allows us to see the stretching of time or a moment that happens faster than the human eye can perceive. The endlessly flexible tool of time exposure adds energy and life to photography.

Sending Full-Spectrum Resolution

Photography is a constant attempt to put a frame around something pleasing or important. Now you can overcome email constraints for sharing high-resolution photographs with YouSendIt. Each month 355,976 large photos are shared with YouSendIt Pro. The highest transferred files include: psd, dsc, tif, mg, folder, jpeg and jpg. Only YouSendIt Pro now for only $49.99 (Save 60%) gives you a simple interface, advanced security settings and a confirmation receipt when you send large photographs to anyone in full resolution.

Art And Science Of A Picture

The charm of photography is we discover things for the first time as we record them. Nearly everyone has seen an amazing photograph in the making before them and rushed to capture it. The trick for any photographer in these situations is to pick up their jaw-up off the floor and capture “the moment” before it escapes. Curiosity of sight is the gift often made possible through the magic of photography.

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