Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moment The Plane Lands You Sail Off: Find Sanctuary In The British Virgin Islands

Nothing compares to being in the British Virgin Islands with the teal-blue sea around you, and the salty ocean air being pulled into your lungs. The sun is bright, reflecting blindingly on the water so you need the darkest glasses you can find, along with SPF 45, sandals and a freshly squeezed mango drink to cool your heels. Immediately after landing in Virgin Gorda we chart a sailboat for vacation. For those less amphibious, there are luxurious beach side cottages offering vacationers paradise on: Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegeda and Jost Van Dyke. 

The British Virgin Islands bring out your naturalist tendency for discovering the charming oceanic life. The water is blissfully warm and filled with colorful tropical life. The sea creatures exhibit bright and golden stripes making me think of some sort of tropical beer commercial. Among many things to do here: we have been snorkeling in the Caves used by the Pirates of last century. At first, descending into their secret location seems a bit creepy, but looking beneath the surface at the playful life aquatic is truly extraordinary and not to be missed. 

The British Virgin Islands give you cornucopia of natural wisdom with the ocean touching every sense–whether you’re on an odyssey for beaches or beauty, action or collapse, dolce vita or dolce far niente. Musical singer Madonna is also here taking a break from her world tour on the ‘Lady M’ custom yacht that is anchored next to us at night. There’s plenty to do in the BVI’s including late night frolics on a warm, sandy beach. Live without restrictions near an island you love or on a sailing vessel in paradise.

Friday, December 21, 2012

How Much Of What You Are About, Are You Really About?

Causes I Care About in 2013:

Animal Welfare
Arts and Culture
Civil Rights and Social Action
Human Rights

Financial Support For Causes:

World Wildlife Fund
Medecins Sans Frontires (MSF)
University Of Toronto Rowing
Ridley Rowing
Human Rights Watch
American Red Cross
Amnesty International