Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Endless Ocean

All of the blah, blah, blah and none of the BLAHS. Creativity is not created. It is there for us to find – it is an act of discovery. Some images from our recent getaway to Marin. This inspires my life. Maybe this can be yours as well. Creativity solves problems. The creative act is a habit of originality that overcomes everything. Why just be a creative thinker when you can be a cultural provocateur.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Well-Being Fits Everywhere: Congratulations To USA Women's 8 At World's 2015

Brilliant racing from both team USA and team Canada at this year's world rowing championship. I enjoyed watching this race with my wife, who rowed varsity for Stanford before enrolling in law school at University of California at Berkeley. Two of the athletes on the gold medal boat are from the Stanford rowing program. 

One of the highlights from my summer was watching live-streaming from Henley Royal Regatta, an event I raced with my Canadian championship boat from the University of Toronto some time ago. Today, my training continues unabashedly for both the Big Sur 1/2 marathon, and the Bay2Breakers with 30 minutes on the ergometer, and 6.5 miles uphill run on the treadmill six days/week. 

I look forward to my son taking up the oars, if he wishes. Presently, he enjoys running and swimming, and seems to possess a natural inclination for both athleticism and learning to think at his pre-school. A promising future ahead at top level prep school and championship crews.