Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Impressive On Paper, Extraordinary On Water

I like my boats fast, lean and mean. It's like plugging in. I would say that the place I relax most on planet Earth is in a boat. First of all, it is in a moving boat, in an environment I don't control, in an environment that can do anything it wants and I am not the ruler. The key to speed in sailing is achieving continuous stable "flight" through changing conditions of wind and water. So we must constantly adjust the trim of the windsail and rudder which requires us sailors to have a sustained supply of athletic power. I think we can learn a lot from sailing and apply it to life on land. I think the secret of success is concentrating interest in life, interest in health, interest in positive friends and good times, interest in your evolution, interest in your fellow humans, interest in the small things of nature, insects, birds, flowers, leaves, etc. In other words to be fully awake to everything that surrounds you. The more you learn the more you can appreciate and get a full measure of joy and happiness in life. Sea people are far more interesting than those from other industries because they have seen the world, they have travelled. And, generally speaking, they are curious people. It's great to do things, to build things, but the real key to the future is generosity. By generosity, I mean generosity in thought, in action, in kindness, in resilience, in helping people grow to their potential. Generosity as a parent and as a lover. Generosity is not the key to my future, it's the key to our future.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Say Captain, Say What

"Faster, faster!" my passenger shouts as I helm the steering through a maze of boats in a crowded marina. I don't need much encouragement. This boat is designed for performance with 440 horsepower engine on tap. Once clear in open water, I push down on the throttle and feel the 9.6 meter composite slip faster through the water. In open water, I spin the wheel and encounter the slope of our wake. The deep V hull means we slice right through the waves. In both looks and experience, this speedboat is simply fun. As we take a lap around the harbor, the wind whipping through my hair, my smile couldn't be much wider. Even at three-quarter power, the hush in the wheelhouse is intensified by the murmured appreciation of a few rapt guests, as the tally of the knots on the screen ticks upwards. Obviously, I have to slow down and share the wheel with the new Captain. My son is nautically inclined, wishes to drop anchor and take a leap into the big blue, loving embrace of nature. 

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Aphrodite: A Day Of Glorious Celebration

The aquatic festival is a divine celebration jammed packed with fun at our summer home on the East Coast. Summoning our clique for the summer festivities on the water for our tribal gathering. The long days of summer are so gorgeous and serene we barely notice the heat.