Saturday, August 17, 2019

Do You Live For The Hustle?

I love rising early to see the rising sun. I rise to train in the mornings on land and on the water. I am smitten by the outstanding art that is rowing. After numerous years of rowing in championship varsity eights during my formative years, then transitioning to running long distance, i have gracefully returned to the sport to learn the art of sculling. Glad to be in a shell again.

Nude At Vanity: Roy Lichtenstein at SFMOMA

A series of extraordinary Girls Romances at SFMOMA with a comic retro effect seems fresh and modern. Lichtenstein frequently altered mass-produced images by adding art history references. Here he is inspired by Pablo Picasso's "Girl before a Mirror" from 1932. All art featured in this collection at SFMOMA have strength and color relationships. Like Picasso, Lichtenstein traced the figure with thick black lines and incorporates passages of yellow in the background to frame the face. His black and white dots blur the distinction between flesh and the wall, through vibrant pops of red and blue emphasizing the Goddess lips and expressive eyes. So much good fun.  

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Sailor Made On The East Coast: Time Is The Most Valuable Currency You Can Spend

It's on the wild and stunning East Coast, carved into the coastline overlooking the water. The weather is always sunny with a royal blue sky overhead. Goldie is here learning to sail with his Cappy and enjoying his second year of ownership of vintage, yet fully restored Chris-Craft wooden boat that took one year to restore. When you are surrounded by water, everything just slows down. People take time to speak and laugh with each other. Our summer home has stunning views of the beach on one side and the sailing boats on the other. Advancing passions for maximum grins–Goldie and the aquatic tribe have no complaints. Gratitude is the fundamental emotion one feels in the state of grace.