Monday, November 13, 2017

Health Is Wealth

The ocean view challenge of the Big Sur Half Marathon was truly fantastic. A beautiful sunrise and run with many Olympians and trained athletes was a tremendous joy. i ran our annual tradition in 1 hour 36 mins 14 seconds. The best part was seeing my beautiful wife Katie and receiving a big hug from Cadence at the finish line. Thankful to be part of the Big Sur tradition. See you again next year.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Resting Heart Beat Of 54 Beats Per Minute Helps Push The Body, Mind And Spirit

Fitness enables an even higher ability to give in all my relationships. Right now I am training for the Big Sur Half Marathon taking place November 12th in Monterey, CA. This year marks the 15th year celebration for the run, and thankfully I have participated in this event since the inception several years ago. My fastest time has been one hour thirty minutes and thirty-two seconds. My slowest has been two hours and two minutes. For this year's race, I am training at the Bay Club in Redwood Shores six days a week. My training consists of: warm up, thirty minutes 7,200 meters pull on the ergometer, seven miles uphill run on the treadmill, and weights if i have the time. I am feeling really, really good and cannot wait to run this race. My next racing event after the Big Sur Half Marathon is the Bay2Breakers in May which in 2018 celebrates its 106th running. I want to live to be 273 years old!

No Short Cuts

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential. To want the ideal of victory is not enough. You must be hungry. You must be absolutely compelled by motivation in order to overtake your competitors, in order to overtake yourself. When racing, there is no second place. Proud to have run 5K with my son for Arundel fun run. Prep for running the Big Sur next weekend for him in similar races, and moi in half-marathon. Can't wait.