Saturday, October 17, 2015

Victory Is In The Heart: A Reason To Celebrate

Inside every great plan is a visionary mind that puts action in motion. Picking up my gorgeous wife and son in one of our sports cars to San Francisco to watch the Blue Angels has been something special for a few years. Now we show you how it feels. Sometimes everything about passion starts with a dream. Today and everyday I fulfill my dream. Get out there and live to the max.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

$ellebrity: Making His Presence Felt

Purpose. Passion. Intention. Service. Vision. Possibility. Energy. Gratitude. I proudly congratulate Robert Verner at the Bay Club, Redwood Shores for teaching our son swimming. The mighty lemon drop is training like a human fish at sea. I can't help but be proud of the person my son is becoming. 
A good head and a strong heart are always a formidable combination for a career in medicine, law, architecture, advertising and motion pictures. The only limit to success is your own imagination.

Love Is The Most Powerful, Sustaining Form Of Motivation That We Have

The awesome thing about happiness is that when we are happy, that feeling expands from within us, all the way into the rest of the world for everyone to share. Inner joy is something that's yours: something that can never be broken or lost. Our real enemies are doubt, fear, anxiety and worries. When we meditate or exercise, we feel the soul of joy; it comes spontaneously like an inner fountain. When we do not try to perfect others, but only try to perfect ourselves then we find real joy. If we feel that we are not indispensable that without us the world will go on, we find joy. If we want true joy and true peace then we must be totally detached. This detachment does not mean that we shall not work for the world, but we shall not allow ourselves to be caught by negative emotions in anything. Fill yourself up with love and live in abundance.