Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Big Snow Day, Everyday

MOUNTAINS FOR ALL THEIR PHYSICAL, AESTHETIC, AND MENTAL BENEFITS can be incredibly desolate places. The mountain is there for us to journey inward, to come face to face with the sublime inner metal of which we are all made of. Imagine escaping to the mountain where stress is replaced with serenity, and cares smoothed away by an uplifting inner journey. Mountain we speak of is sanctuary surrounded by snow. Piles upon piles in its pristine, natural glory. MOUNTAIN TEACHES US TO JOURNEY INTO FEARLESSNESS by overcoming pride and letting go of story. If strapping your feet inside planks of wood, and accelerating down a cliff is NOT your idea of fun, I suggest you try it. Mountain encourages us to overcome inhibitions and stare down fears. Mountain makes us focus on where we want to go rather than where we have been. This high-altitude inner journey is a bit indulgent, restorative, soothing, romantic, and sublime. Mountain is beautiful.