Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ringing The Bell In Wide-Eyed LAAAA

Just picture yourself as the life of the photo party. See all the places the future can take you.
 Ever so happy to be on vacation again in living breathing LAAAAA with my wife and son.
 Happiness unlimited LAAAAA, this is my town. Winding down one crazy year. 
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Resolutions For Better Relationships And Fulfillment

1) Master my emotions.

2) Listen more. Speak less.

3) Be open to whatever comes.

4) Share what I know. And learn from others.

5) Collaborate with other creative people.

6) Be flexible. Learn to negotiate.

7) Fix whatever I complain about most.

8) View every challenge as a possible discovery.

9) Take 2 hours each day for myself. To meditate or exercise.

10) Figure out what I need to do to find inner balance.

11) Integrate work and art.

12) Take up an interest in something I know nothing about.

13) Look at stuff - and at what I already know with a fresh perspective.

14) Keep a journal.

15) Visualize tasks before I do them. Then do them.

16) Replace my thoughts with intuition.

17) Play.

18) Know when I am done.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Meanings = Emotions; Emotions = Life

Love Is Oxygen For The Soul. Celebrating 15 years wedding anniversary with the love of my life. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Box Full Of Big, Bright Unexposed Ideas

Ad-Men Gone Wild In San Francisco. Spectacular photography from APA Something Personal exhibition from some truly amazing photographers. My art director, Tim Paschke from Resin Advertising was one of the judges at the event. Awesome to see this level of photography in two large rooms in San Francisco, and to speak with the shooters for the story behind the story. Very interesting event with shockingly best of American photography in 100 pictures. Inspiring to be with such passionate people. Thank you Steve Babujak, photographer for shooting this awesome image of Tim and I at the event.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Shift Into The FAST Lane

If you stepped into a time machine and went back a hundred years when the first automobiles were being conceived, you'd find some truly remarkable stories. It was a time when there were no paved roads, no speed limits, no traffic and no parking enforcement. Who else but a genuine sporting enthusiast would set foot in a sports car in the early days of the automobile industry? The early days of the automobile industry were part spectacle, part innovation, part bravado, but never a dull moment. It's hard to predict what the future will bring, but the spirit of innovation, brevity and courage are found today at, a new company that is reinventing the car buying and selling process. Inspired by the boldness of Shift, here are some new ideas that will help the company become the premium brand it deserves to be in the new digital automotive landscape.