Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Create Life The Way You Want To Live It: Find Yourself Through

During the Renaissance, the word ART emerged as a collective term encompassing painting, sculpture and architecture. Art today is considerably different because it is more open to interpretation. An object regarded as Art may not be perceived as such by the person who created it – but becomes culturally significant because of the expression it contains for the people experiencing it at any moment in time. Art involves the skill of the imagination for the creation of aesthetic objects, environments and experiences that can be shared with others. Here is an example of how we make accessible to both lovers of high brow ART and those who wish to forever remain novices. The paint by numbers concept works in print, interactive, outdoor and Web.

Art is community. Art is how we relate to one another.

New Work For Equilibrium Featuring Smartphone Scannable QR Code To Take You To Video

Equilibrium (EQ) is a digital asset management company that lets you shape content instantly for all digital assets. EQ is in the enterprise B2B marketplace and used by most Hollywood motion picture studios to leverage all content including photography, animation, sound and digital films-enabling realtime delivery to any website or device. The challenge for repositioning EQ–the messaging had to reflect the real aspirations for the buyer (C-level executive), influencer (IT lead), and the user (Creative director or CMO). Print adverting was placed in Streaming Video magazine for a huge lift among video professionals. Additional messaging serves the buyer, influencer and user through Web, print and app.