Sunday, January 10, 2021

A Privilege Of A Lifetime Is Being Who You Are

Be Perr-sisss-tennnnt. In 2022, my World's Boat is entering the Canadian Hall of Fame for Rowing. Deeply honored for the privilege of racing with vibrant oarsmen since age 16. Thankful that we have all remained in touch, of course, tackling life's other challenges doesn't seem so hard.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Why Jaguar F-Type Is The Sinuous Fastback To Have A Fling With

Few cars make you smile every time you see them. Today's homogeneous design makes it difficult to distinguish one cookie cutter vehicle from another, but the Jaguar F-Type is another story. It captures attention with its graceful, compact design. 

Stylistically, the F-Type is the car the F-Type always wanted to be: a sinuous fastback with a sucked in waistline. The snout may be shorter than the vintage E-Type's, but it works in proportion to the cabriolet and the aggressive rear fenders. In the convertible, the steeply raked windshield seems like an unfinished bridge span, but with the fast moving roof up, it completes the thought, and the silhouette lands elegantly at the car's chamfered decklid, which conceals an active spoiler. 

On the road, the responsiveness makes me want to try corners all day. Press the button for dynamic mode and the agile beast goes into full attack mode amplifying sound and faster shifts for you to play with in 8 gears. If you need to slow down, the brakes are dextrous as any agile athlete. 

There's historical precedent in this rolling sculpture. It takes creative inspiration from the 1961 Jaguar E-Type which by many is regarded as sculpturally superior in design.