Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Well Being Fits Everywhere

They said, it couldn't be done. Five novices in an eight in a very tough category. Well, we persevered, trained hard, listened to our coach, believed in ourselves, and won gold. My Ridley College rowing reunion is nearly here. Looking forward to seeing my old boys at the CSSRA championship regatta. I shall also be spending time with my University of Toronto gold championship eight in Toronto, and the Canadian World's silver medalist eight for drinks at the Madi. Although all rowing races are important to me, my first win for Ridley, under the tutelage of Rhys Jenkins Sr is still among my sweetest victories. The preliminary draws for the CSSRA National Championships have been released. Ridley has 19 boats racing this weekend encompassing 47 athletes from 9 different countries. Good luck to all athletes and coaches.

Ah, The Golden Feeling

A fresh taste of summer in golden San Francisco. Our ritualistic get away includes a lot of biking, running, swimming in the ocean, sand digging, and making new friends–all part of the summah routine.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bring On The Dancing Horses: New Personal Best At Bay2Breakers 2018

An amazing group of runners saw me run my personal best at the nudist colony that's Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. The main challenge was running up the steep Hayes street hill, which i had prepared for, and ran through as if it wasn't really there. Then kept pushing the pace forward while enjoying the scenery, and the fresh ocean air coming into my lungs. Quads were solid from the first step to the last, and as expected no pain in any part of the body. A bunch of ultra fast runners pushed me to rev it up a bit more towards the end. I had a great run, earning a personal best time of 52 minutes and 40 seconds for the 7.5 miler. Can't wait to run it again next year.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

In Good Health

June is nearly here, and I couldn't be more excited for summer to start. Of course, we first have Bay2Breakers tomorrow in San Francisco. This year, I shall try to chase the fastest Kenyans while enjoying the costumes, and the nudist colony throughout the race. With the start of summer right around the corner also means rowing regatta season is here. This year marks the golden anniversary for my Ridley College–Canadian and American championship lightweight men's eight. As such, I shall be traveling to the CSSRA regatta in two weeks for champagne with my superstar coach, and to catch up with my crew. I shall also be reuniting with my Ridley roommate, Douglas Martin, who stroked the Princeton Varsity heavyweight eight to win the Ivy Rowing Championship in his first year (while rowing for Mike Teti–now the USA national team coach). Although Doug and I speak on a regular basis, there's nothing like getting together at the boat races. Looking forward to getting in a Ridley shell with my old crew mates. I am told there is a fast Ridley boat similar to ours that may win this year. Can't wait boys, can't wait.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

C'est La Juicy

Mouthwatering cherries fresh from the vine on Mother's Day. We woke up early, had breakfast in bed and then hopped into the voiture to Bloomfield cherry farm in Brentwood, California to pick the freshest of the bunch and then a healthy picnic lunch. Ahh, this is wellness living.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Life Is Beautiful: Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to my beautiful mother, my beautiful wife, the mother's around the world and to the women who wish to be a mom! Life is beautiful. My mom is a retired Physician ObGyn. Proud of this fine lady. I love you Mom.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Win The Future: All Work, All Play

Inside the giant coliseum filled with intelligent, vibrant humans–a fascinating journey begins with moi joining a juggernaut Fortune 100 company in Silicon Valley. Work is the most thrilling form of self-expression.