Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Future Is Hyper-Connected: My Son's First Commercials

Filmed on location at the Paragon Preschool in San Carlos, all kids in this spot gave up their afternoon naps and playtime to get this shoot right. There is more to come from these telegenic youngsters for a variety of technology companies including early stage start ups to fortune 500 companies. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

All Fantasies Are Fulfilled: Whole Lot Of Happiness

Power. Presence. Poise. Precision. Prowess. These ever-evocotive adjectives have been synonymous with triumphant automobile design. Vibrant in glamour, tradition and superior decor, Marin is wholly resplendent of the Porsche 911 character. Leaving the bright lights of San Francisco for more challenging coastal roads with longer corners and smoother surfaces–among the most breathtaking curvy roads in the country. As we drove into sportscar utopia–acceleration was incredulously responsive from the pedal and the Porsche 911's engine delivered what felt like omnipotent speed in propelling the car along the route. Gears became much longer and shift times were shortened to add to this incessant surge in agility. Of course, we had to return home eventually with beaming beatific smiles and rosy cheeks. The delightfully enchanting people and their cars that we met on our journey were all effortlessly friendly. Our charming car event was held in the Marin Headlands raising a significant amount for Bay area charities. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Make The Most Of Every Moment: Resolutions For Better Relationships And Fulfillment

1) Master my emotions.

2) Listen more. Speak less.

3) Be more emotionally open.

4) Share what I know. And learn from others.

5) Collaborate with other creative people.

6) Be flexible. Learn to negotiate.

7) Fix whatever I complain about most.

8) View every challenge as a possible discovery.

9) Take 1 hour each day for myself. To meditate or exercise.

10) Figure out what I need to do to find inner balance.

11) Integrate work and art.

12) Take up an interest in something I know nothing about.

13) Look at stuff - and at what I already know with a fresh perspective.

14) Keep a journal.

15) Visualize tasks before I do them. Then do them.

16) Replace my thoughts with intuition.

17) Play.

18) Know when I am done.