Monday, May 21, 2012

Industrial Revolution: Apple Wins Again And Again...

Congratulations to my supermodel wife for Apple Legal victory today. Keep rocking!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tribal Law: Bay To Breakers Turns 101

Our rituals consist of our habitual ways of looking at the world, talking to our inner self and moving our body. At the 101st celebration of San Francisco’s Bay to Breakers, the 7.5-mile cultural festival, it was clear that there were many rituals taking place here. People from all over the USA had taken immense pride to be a part of this celebration. I personally have run this event for nine years with a personal best of 52 minutes (under one hour for all runs). From the run's starting point near San Francisco’s financial district to the beach, people covered the ground in various costumes and some even ran or walked it in their full nudist birthday suit. The colorful display of people and their wild imagination really made the bash truly fantastic. San Francisco's outgoing-culture was on display today as nowhere else. This year's winner: Sammy Kitwara, an elite runner from Kenya finished in 34 minutes one minute slower than his own course record set in 2009. Looking forward to the Bay To Breakers unique ritual in 2013.