Monday, June 23, 2014

It's 5 AM And You Are Listening To Los Angeles: Every Day Is Never Ordinary

Mambo Mambo! I love big towns. There's something ethereal, captivating, radiant and reenergizing in them. In Los Angeles, satisfaction is found around every corner. LA is for the passionate, for the driven. After all, life is not a spectator sport. LAAAAAAA, this is my town.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Models Can Beat Up Your Models: Here's To A Loving Cup

The legacy of the giant wave pit continues. Two Ridley boats heading to Henley Royal Regatta, UK. Congratulations Jason Dorland OR '83. See you at Henley Royal-On-Thames. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happiness Of One Man Can Sometimes Be The Joy Of An Entire Nation

Jason Dorland knows what it takes to win the most famous sports races in the world. An old Ridleian and an olympian–presently the head coach for crew at Bishop Ridley College–the powerhouse Canadian independent school. His winning philosophy, "Coaching isn't just about making boats go fast, it's about changing lives." As a teenager, I became interested in rowing at the suggestion from my Ridley roommate Doug Martin who was on the heavyweight eight and after Ridley would stroke the Princeton varsity eight to victory at the IRAs. Signing up for crew, I thought rowing training would help me become a better cricketeer because I was then the opening pace bowler on the school's first eleven. However, the love from my coach–Rhys Jenkins Senior, and the camaraderie of my crew resulted in our lightweight eight winning gold at Schoolboy defeating many fast rivals from Upper Canada College and Brentwood that had been rowing together for many years–with open water. After leaving the gates of Ridley, I rowed varsity for the University of Toronto and briefly for Team Canada. It was also through rowing that I met the love of my life and partner for fifteen years, Katie Prescott who rowed varsity for Stanford and Johns Hopkins. When you reach perfection, you're touching the Divine. It touches the you of you's which is your soul. Congratulations Jason for six golden Ridley crews at the Canadian Schoolboy. Next stop English Henley.