Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apple Rocks The World

Portrait of a Super Lawyer.

1) Skip high school

2) Attend John Hopkins University. Row

3) Attend Stanford for Masters. Row

4) Attend University Of California Berkeley Law (Boalt). Row

5) Graduate Order Of The Coif (Top 1% of Law students)

6) Join Fish & Richardson & Ace the Bar

7) Become Youngest ever Partner

8) After 10 years decide to get poached by Google, Apple – choose Apple

9) Rock Apple and start a family

Brooks Running: Get Quicker, Faster

You are not a locomotive. But by conditioning your legs to withstand more endurance – you can perform closer to your peak. As you train your legs more efficiently with the right running shoe you can whittle away the time between you and the competition without injuries and move ahead of the field.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Brooks Running: Shoes That May Save Your Body

Your hips, knees and feet are an important part of your body. Every time you walk or run, the pressure of your body weight is passed up to your hips with each step. All this impact can add up over a lifetime on your ball-and-socket joints and lead to dire consequences. However, Brooks training shoes with patented impact protection can help you lead a healthy, active life and hold onto the original hips, knees and feet you were born with. To understand how Brooks cushioning can take care your body, try one on. You’ll quickly feel the difference whether you are walking around town or running on concrete.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Health Is Wealth

Our rituals consist of our habitual ways of looking at the world, talking to our inner self and moving our body. In my twenties, I used to think turning 40 was a number far-far-far away. I now feel this is a good age when we are accustomed to things we like, things we can masterfully do, things we love and things we care for. In the last ten years I have: moved in with my girlfriend, gotten married twice (to the same person), ran half-marathon five times, learned how to make tacos, joined the Pacific Athletic Club, gone back to India, taken a few night classes, and become a father! It has been quite a decade. I can only wonder what the next ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, hundred... years may bring. It has been a wonderful journey made all the more enriching by my friends and the outstanding love in my life. Thank you all for being a part of it either virtually or in person. May our relationship continue.

Victory Is In The Heart

As a varsity oarsman at the University of Toronto, I used to prepare for regattas by watching the San Francisco 49ers. I loved the teamwork between Jerry Rice and Steve Young against any team especially the NY Giants. The 49ers would inspire me to really focus on my own race.

I began rowing at my boarding school Ridley College, which has the tradition of developing some of the finest Canadian oarsmen. Our lightweight crew won Canadian Schoolboy.

While attending the University of Toronto - our Varsity Lightweight Men's 8 won all major races in North America. We also flew a straight four to the Henley on Thames to come second to the University of London in the heavyweight open final. After that, we won the Royal Canadian Henley and three of us made it to the Canadian National Team. Thank you 49ers for the inspiration and ceaseless spark of athleticism. I have always remained a fan!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Boy

Babies are amazing, with incredible potential for growth and extraordinary powers of development. Perhaps the most astonishing fact about a baby is that during the first ten months his weight increases by a staggering 3,000 million times. For parents the child brings intense joy. A toddler who is provided with a rich, varied, exciting environment in which he is encouraged to start exploring and who is treated lovingly by parents stands a very good chance of acquiring a sense of self-confident curiosity, creative wonder and active intelligence in later life. The secret is to let natural loving feelings express themselves - a child needs a lot of love and complete trust in the reliability of his protectors to happily flourish.

L'Enfant Terrible: Our Love Affair With Automobile Design

The car is the most cherished and admired of all contemporary objects, and car design is one of the distinctive, even defining art forms of the twenty-first century. The evolution of car design is a story of fantastic inventiveness. Within the simple constraints of the unchanging architecture of the automobile, its wheels, seats and engine, metal and plastic and glass-have been transformed to express freedom, style, sex, and power. In terms of aesthetics, it is a story of how the disparate forms of the primitive horseless carriage became integrated into a sculptural whole. Only rock music and the movies (with which the car has so very much in common) can compare with the cultural impact of the designed automobile.

Purity Of Inner Space

Inner space as a vast playground for the young is still true in India today as it was when I was growing up in Delhi, Faridabad and Saharanpur. Innocence in India means purity of inner space. If you are able to express your emotions but nothing interferes or transforms your inner space then you live like an innocent child – very clear as a pure being. You may be surrounded by hardship – however, the place of your interior may not be related to the place of the exterior. In India, a million children find beautiful feelings of ecstasy through this tireless logic. Total innocence leads to enlightenment.

The earlier part of my life took place in India. We didn’t have much, but it never felt like anything was missing. My parents grew up in a small town, got married, joined the Indian army, had a kid and bought a Vespa scooter. Life was perfect. This was in the seventies, when the sun was exceptionally hot near the equator and people went to the Hindi films in movie theaters to stay cool. Last night my beloved father who is now a cardiac anesthesiologist in private practice in LA sent me these images from our time in India. He titled the email:
“Old Memories.” Seeing me play with our ten months young son Cadence brought back memories of him being a loving father. I am fortunate to have him teach me how to care, to love and to be an involved parent.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

C'est La JUICY

In the time I have served clients in the field of advertising in San Francisco, and Los Angeles - I have been blessed to have met a beautiful gal who is now my supermodel wife. I am also a new DAD. It is a life filled with juice and passion!

Welcome To America

I became an American today. It is such an outstanding feeling similar to euphoria.

It is a privilege to have lived in many places on our planet. I hold passports from India {where I was born}, Canada {where I went to boarding school & college}, and now thankfully USA {where I play a lot}. This is allowed by the rules in all three nations.

Live A Lot

Wisdom, compassion and courage are the three elements required for leading a successful, happy and fulfilled life. The first, wisdom, requires knowledge of what brings true happiness than illusion of happiness bounded to the ego. A wise person un-trapped by the ego knows how to move forward rather than in circles because he or she knows true source of happiness is found within the mind. The second, compassion, is a way to live fully through acceptance and forgiveness. Living compassionately is actually the most effective way to succeed at anything. Compassion is a long-range solution that in contrast to aggression has a positive influence in all areas of our lives. It stabilizes our life and those of others while removing anger, jealousy and self-involvement. Lastly, courage is required to gradually change our mind, to go beyond the limits of the ego and attachments diminishing our false neurosis. With courage we are able to give before looking at how much we are going to get in return. With courage the mind becomes unburdened by the concept of “me” through the looking glass. Turning the mind towards being consumed in service of others may sound like a lot of work but actually requires less energy than the worry and disillusionment about ourselves that holds our consciousness. Bringing these three wish-fulfilling jewels into experience, however, is how we activate our true source of happiness, which uplifts our minds and increases our life-force energy.


When I first moved here from Canada, I marveled at the diversity of outdoor recreation available. When you consider the beaches, the delta, Tahoe, Yosemite, Monterey, Mount Shasta, Sonoma, and Point Reyes - all a short enough drive - I don't think there's anywhere else in the country or perhaps the world that can duplicate the variety and convenience of northern California.

With an endless sporting utopia right in our backyard, San Franciscans have no excuse for not taking advantage of its physical, spiritual, and psychological benefits. Need to destress? Go for a ride on some of best roads anywhere, climb a rock, run a trail or jet across the bay on your sailboard. The easy accessibility to the world around us is a big part of why we live, and love it here.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Charming Life

Just how useful is the connection between advertising and information? Prius advertisements tell potential car buyers Toyota's new hybrid is energy efficient combining good aerodynamics with safety, and Toyota sells a few more cars. This matters less to anyone except Toyota, its customers, and maybe the environmentalists.
But advertising does much more. It routinely provides immense amounts of information that benefits primarily parties other than the advertiser. This may sound odd, but it is a logical result of blending emotion with market forces, and the re-invention of information itself.

Finding The Right Idea: My Favorite Commercials

National Treasures

MOUNTAINS FOR ALL THEIR PHYSICAL, AESTHETIC, AND MENTAL BENEFITS can be incredibly desolate places. The mountain is there for us to journey inward, to come face to face with the sublime inner metal of which we are all made of. Imagine escaping to the mountain where stress is replaced with serenity, and cares smoothed away by an uplifting inner journey. Mountain we speak of is sanctuary surrounded by green redwoods known as Purisima. Gnarled mountain trails with trees in their natural glory.

MOUNTAIN TEACHES US TO JOURNEY INTO FEARLESSNESS by overcoming pride and letting go of story. If strapping your feet into boots and climbing a cliff is NOT your idea of fun, I suggest you try it. Mountain encourages us to overcome inhibitions and stare down fears. Mountain makes us focus on where we want to go rather than where we have been. This high-altitude inner journey is a bit indulgent, restorative, soothing, romantic, and sublime. Purisima in the mountain is beautiful.