Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This Is What Awesome Looks Like: Replenish From Within

Florida is home to many different nationalities of people, some who came when it was still a wild and sometimes unforgiving wilderness. Florida changed and developed into what it is today, an area rich with history, eccentricity, escapism and esoteric dreaminess. Florida is a lush world of tropical adventure to those who visit and a special exotic paradise to those who are lucky enough to stay. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bolder, Closer, Happier: Viva Florida And The Seductive Power Of Water

Today it was sweat and beach all day. Get that beach body ready for summer.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Refreshing Florida Pastels: Life At Our Waterfront Plantation

Sunny, humid and filled with pastel homes–we are having an outstanding time at our villa in Florida. Cadence enjoys running on the beach with Daddy and then swimming in our private pool.

The Real Deal: Two Year Old Flies First Class To Florida For Spring Vaca

Flying first class to Florida for vacation–we onboard the US Airways plane earlier than regular passengers and had ample room in our seats for Cadence to play. There was gargantuan space for his trucks, books, legos, snacks and play. The food in first class is way better and the air hostess serving us was also exceptional. We met a Duke University varsity oarsman who was seated in an adjacent row and a Boston University varsity lacrosse player–collectively we had interesting conversations. We are flying first class from here.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

ALIVE: Living Unplugged

Being fit and healthy makes me feel alive. There's nothing like the endorphins from being fit and the incredible endorphin rush that goes with erging for 30 minutes and running 6.5 miles uphill nearly every day. The natural opiates sure beat drinking and almost anything else artificial out there. I live a very full-on life. 

When I come to the ocean as seen here on Pescadero beach and hiking trail, I recharge my batteries. All of us have to find time to look after our bodies. That helps us make sure our mind is sharp. Keeping fit and healthy is the best thing ever. And trying to make sure your family is fit and healthy. As a family we participate in the Big Sur 1/2 Marathon (1 hr 30 mintues for 13.1 miler) and the Bay2Breakers (50 minutes for 7.5 miler) every year.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That Golden Emotion: 911 Embodies The Virtues Of Cutting-Edge Form

A full and clear view of a Porsche 911 engenders desire. Want one. Need one. It awakens a passionate urgency—for immediate possession, even for seizure—kept under control by the strictures of civilization. The pulse accelerates, the basal metabolism rises and the gaze lifts to search for an open road and the sharpest sequence of curves. Just get in and get started. Start the engine, listen, feel—then, best of all, drive.

Driving A 911
Putting this driving machine into motion, sensing its responses, uniting with it, partaking of perfection; such is the essence of owning a 911.
The 911 is a car of both reason and seduction; it is a feast for all of the senses. Anyone whose knowing eyes have ever caressed the 911’s body, starting at the front with its accentuated fenders, continuing on over the subtle roof to the muscular curves of its rear; anyone who has experienced the intimate interior with its qualities of strength, control and austere luxury; anyone who has then immediately ignited the engine and heard its husky call. Everyone who has studied the 911 with all of his or her senses open and who has had the pleasure of driving a 911 will never be the same.
No one will go back into their infancy in a 911, but they will feel the happiness of carefree youth.
The 911 Principle
This principle has been working now for generations in accordance with a simple, basic formula. It is the art of being able to take this car from the 1960s and advance it in technical terms without changing its character. It is the art not of denying the march of technology. Technical progress is used as an invigorating element in the idea of the 911, yet in such a way that the car remains what it has always been; just as one still sees the child in the adult.
In the 911, Porsche shows that it knows how to find its own pace within an ever-accelerating spirit of progress, to retain its grasp of the emotions that a 911 evokes and to retain the harmony of its own character with the inherent element of originality.
This, of course, can work only if there are people who desire a product born of such features. In the universal world of business, they are known simply as customers. But in fact they are friends, bound by their shared nature.