Thursday, October 17, 2013

City Of Creativity: Opulent San Francisco

All of the Blah, Blah, Blah and none of the BLAHS. October is one of the warmest months to be in San Francisco–you get to enjoy the newly renovated waterfront and experience the many splendors of the culturally diverse and vibrant museum scene. The city as canvas, San Francisco has countless offerings from de Young's astonishing golden age of Italian style–art of Bulgari and much more. The city is filled with life and vitality.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Hugging & Kissing My Favorite Cardiac Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists invade San Francisco. My beloved father and mother (both physicians) are visiting from Los Angeles for an anesthesiology conference in San Francisco. Anesthesiology is both an art and science because the patient's oxygen supply has to be maintained while procedures such as invasive open heart surgery, neuro-surgery and hardest cancer treatments take place. Tackling the most challenging cases in clinical medicine keeps Dad young with his private practice specialization in both Cardiac and General Anesthesia. My Mom is now a retired OBGYN after 26 years of delivering babies. Dad, however, loves to stays frisky as a guest lecturer in anesthesia at the University of Southern California school of medicine in addition to his clinical duties. Dad's greatest joy at the moment is playing with his grandson who shares his passion for hospitals, the healing arts and wellness living.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Emotional Freedom: Happiness Is Being Present

Cloudlessly, the dawn reddens through a purple east: there is hardly a speck upon the blossoming of its mystical rose unless it be the silhouette of some passing fog or flight of birds, whirring their wings against the mighty crimsoning. As the sun rises higher, the light shifts color. Sometimes the light is smooth and flickering with the morning gold, it is the vision of water mixed with fire and growing breeze–the aesthetic takes that incredible tint familiar to painters of impressionists on water scenery. When evening approaches the horizon assumes tints of inexpressible opaline colors of milk, honey and topaz glowingly wondrous as ever. Then as the sea sleeps, it dreams of all its colors–faintly, weirdly–placing shadows on the verge of heaven. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Galactic Star: Speedboating On Mom's Birthday

When the sun begins its ascent on the water, its reflection takes form on the sea: on the horizon the bright yellow orb extends all the way from the sky to the aquatic hue. The view is composed of countless swaying aquatic glints; between one glint and the next, the opaque blue of the water makes an interlinked network. The white boats seen in the light of the sun are consumed by that splendid speckling of interplay between light and the aquatic aesthetic. 

Within one hour of sunrise our speedboat is on the water, jetting with sidelong swerves to the waves and the wind. My son Cadence and Captain Andy steer the boat with arms extended like an archers' competing to chart the course and turn the vessel to and fro. In the midst of the gold of the sun that enshrouds–the jet setters are also celebrating my extraordinary wife's birthday. Promptly, an arrow of light sets out from the sun–is reflected in the calm sea, sparkling in the tremor of the water and then into our living tissues–and all of a sudden a multitude of eyes burgeon or reburgeon reliving this moment million times again.