Sunday, August 6, 2017

Ready About: Captain Your Own Fate

In with the elements–sun, wind, rain and the waves. The wind blows in sea monster gusts and the agile boat responds then suddenly the large waves come through on port or starboard splashing you wet. Sailing's nuances–are the physics of wind and water, the web of sail lines, cleats, knots and yacht club etiquette may spell intimidation for the beginner, but sailing is a sport that captures your imagination. Sailing is the story of man against nature. The idea of sailing a boat with two people through areas where no one goes is very appealing to people who have the adventure spirit. Sailing is a lot like playing squash with the wind in water. To move the boat your sails must be 15 to 45 degrees perpendicular to the headwind. As wind changes direction, the sailor must adapt strategy to the conditions for reaching destination. A hundred years ago wind was the primary way to travel the world–for sea merchants and explorers alike to travel and trade with countries. Today, as I learn sailing I am amazed how fast you can move the boat by letting physics and instinct be your guide. On the water, there are times when you are completely relaxed and times when you have to use physical strength to maneuver sails. It is time well spent, an extraordinary way to  bond with family and an exciting way to get away from land.   

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