Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Resolutions For Better Relationships And Fulfillment

1) Master my emotions.

2) Listen more. Speak less.

3) Be open to whatever comes.

4) Share what I know. And learn from others.

5) Collaborate with other creative people.

6) Be flexible. Learn to negotiate.

7) Fix whatever I complain about most.

8) View every challenge as a possible discovery.

9) Take 2 hours each day for myself. To meditate or exercise.

10) Figure out what I need to do to find inner balance.

11) Integrate work and art.

12) Take up an interest in something I know nothing about.

13) Look at stuff - and at what I already know with a fresh perspective.

14) Keep a journal.

15) Visualize tasks before I do them. Then do them.

16) Replace my thoughts with intuition.

17) Play.

18) Know when I am done.

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