Sunday, May 7, 2023

Creativity Matters: 7 Ways To Build Trust With Customers And Converts Attention Into Revenue

Leading content, social texture, and customer generation campaigns at both startups and enterprises, there are certain insights that can assist in crafting content that builds trust at scale–while converting attention into revenue. Here are 7 steps to position your company as the leader in the category and to fuel your revenue stream:

1) Get specific with the audience

Titles and industry aren't enough. You need to uncover what your audience truly loves, hates, and what exactly prevents them from reaching their goals. Go granular on the demographic. Who they are? What are their preferences? Even how they live. I would pick and define one audience and win them over.

2) Create a unique POV for the problem your business is solving

Many companies say they want to stand out, but aren't ready for their customers' attention. If you want to be considered in your ideal customers' mind you need to offer them something completely different that solves their challenges, not something that's only incrementally better.

3) Set strategic goals

If you stop at MQLs, you're not going to get the conversion you truly seek. Set up meetings with the CEO, head of product, head of revenue, and CMO to truly understand what the leaders care about, then build a plan to support their vision.

4) Pick one channel and dominate

As you strategize, you do not need to be everywhere all at once. Better to build in one arena, then scale. Where the key audience or customer is today is where you should start the build.

5) Produce research driven content 

Reconsider a full SEO strategy to begin. Certainly there is some high intent traffic worth capturing right away, but it may be better to earn attention with original thoughts and research using internal product data, surveys, and frameworks from SMEs.

6) Analyze audience signals

You have to keep the pulse on the audience and know what they are craving before they do. There are signals everywhere telling you what they want. Make sure you are analyzing content, campaigns, social, and trends constantly. Then go in the the direction of content that is performing.

7) Scale your strategy

Once you've got momentum going along with steady growth in the first channel, it is time to scale to a new channel using insights of what's valuable to the prospect or customer.

Apply these 7 steps to achieve remarkable results.

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