Monday, February 24, 2020

#Always Trending LA

Entertainment is culture in LA. @Norton Simon Museum, we saw the Gods and Goddesses of South Asia as well as the Paris by Night and Day–both exhibitions are the talk of town in LAImages of religious devotion often incorporate symbols of important narratives and moral teachings. This is especially true of art related to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. All three faiths share the goal of escaping the endless cycle of rebirth (samsara); however, the methods of achieving this goal and the divinities that aid devotees are visualized in different ways. In Hindu art, Gods and Goddesses are depicted as supernatural forms with multiple limbs, demonstrating their awesome powers. The deities are identified by their attributes or have certain physical traits, such as the blue skin on the God Krishna. The spectacle and the socialization of this museum makes such learnings more accessible. Add to this, the rich range of life in the French capital through a selection of paintings, drawing, prints and photographs. Together, these works of art demonstrate that visual artists participated in the inventive spirit of interpreting the everyday as something extraordinary.

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