Saturday, December 7, 2019

She Floats Like A Swan Grace On The Water

An out of body experience with my former championship oarsmen at alumni varsity head race. The boat was solid as a rock from the warm up into the full race Cadence and completely set as it was when we raced together in our championship varsity shell during our 20s. Glad to feel the boat run in the water, such a sublime pleasure. Barry Shaw, our experienced coxswain guided us with complete confidence to pass numerous alumni racing shells to finish first on the water. Absolutely bonkers to be racing with olympians, worlds and college champions again. See you again next year lads. Keep training. Stay healthy. If i were to die and go to heaven, i would prefer to be in a racing shell with these lads training while witnessing the rising sun. So happy to see you all. My heart is full.

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