Sunday, September 29, 2019

All These Stars Of Mine

Yes, we are still on the moon. How could you not be especially if you are in LA? There are so many hip and trendy spots in LA that I leave that to the Biebers and Kardashians of the world. I try to be more timeless in my life, especially when I am visiting my family in LA. It is always an adventure to visit and to experience LA in full. People are fitter here, they also take pride in the way they dress, and the way they walk. All you need is one week and razor sharp clarity on when to be on the freeways to truly explore the entertainment capital of the universe. On my recent adventure, i realized my beach fantasy, got that old Hollywood glamor, museums, restaurants, and stores. LA = Anti-Bland. There is an energy here that transmits itself through the airwaves into the rest of the world. LAAAAAA, this is my town. 

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