Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jumping In Puddles

Rowing is a sport that places endurance, physical fitness, teamwork and commitment to the crew above all else. There are no personal victories or losses. The crew wins together, and the crew loses together. Responsibility is endured by all, equally, always. The very embodiment of rowing is the challenge if offers to the human spirit – to push and pull in pursuit of a higher level of excellence, to go beyond the limitations of individuality where the rules and pace of the game are set by none other than the crew as a whole. In "Pulling Together" we go on an inner journey with Jason Dorland about insights needed for uncovering true potential. If you have rowed or love athleticism then you may enjoy PullingTogether. Well written by Ridley's very own Jason Dorland coach and Olympian. Amazing book that's hard to set down. Now available on Amazon.

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