Sunday, July 17, 2016

Way Up High

The beauty of living in the hills above San Carlos depends on which mountain you sit upon, because you can view San Francisco or Palo Alto and even deep into the apartments of San Jose. The thrill of living in homes with views is that once you've owned one, it's immensely difficult to live anywhere else. The air is better up here, of course, and so is the weather. Food tastes better. People are friendlier. Most people who own homes with majestic views shun the television and prefer the pursuit of the great outdoors. Why would you waste time watching a big screen TV seated on a sofa drinking soda or beer and getting FAT when you could be outside enjoying California's golden sunshine? Tonight we hiked a trail in our backyard and picked fresh berries off the vine. This area is also well known for high-calibre public schools. My son begins kindergarten in a few months and he is ready for it. As for now, we are happy to be nestled on this beautiful mountain. Ha.

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