Monday, March 12, 2012

Live In Abundance (Not Scarcity)

The more I look at people I respect, the more I see the constants as more than coincidence. Chief among those constants are vision and passion. Vision drives the endeavor and passion fuels it. There is no substitute for passion–no way it can be made up for with scarcity or slick tactics based on insecurity.

Passion sustains you through the hard work and the need to learn skills you never planned on learning–like marketing or bookkeeping.

Passion pushes you to be better, to improve your craft and give a more salable, unique offering in the marketplace.

Passion makes the difficult moments and clients worthwhile.

Passion attracts people to you like nothing else because there are so few people doing it this way.

Passion defines what gigs you take and why you take them. It defines how you do what you do.

Passion is the thing that made people like Van Gogh or Picasso such celebrated craftsmen and artists. It’s the thing that got mistaken for insanity and obsession.

Do it for money and your mojo will come and go. Do it with passion, and while the same thing might happen, you’ll have a reason to keep going.

Like vision, passion is an asset you need to protect and fiercely nurture. Work on projects you love and when you are asked to work on something you don’t love do not work it. Or work it in a way that you do love. But being chained to your job that sucks the life out of you isn’t why you began this journey. There’s a trap in not doing what you love for a living.

Find a way to keep the passion or consider going back to doing this for the love of it alone. Life is too short. But find your passion, follow it, nurture it and you’ll be nearly unstoppable.

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